ROHAN QUINE is an author of literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror, celebrating the beauty, darkness and mirth of this predicament called life, where we seem to have been dropped without sufficient consultation ahead of time. Before writing, he spent a decade in New York, where he ran around excitably, saying a few well-chosen words in various feature films such as Zoolander and TV shows such as Oz see

His novel The Imagination Thief is published in paperback, and as an ebook including links to film/audio/photographic content: see for some nice reviews in The Guardian, Book Muse, indieBerlin and elsewhere. His four novellas – The Platinum Raven, The Host in the Attic, Apricot Eyes and Hallucination in Hong Kong – are published in paperback as The Platinum Raven and other novellas, and as four separate ebooks. For more information, photos and videos of the launch, see

AA ABBOTT(also known as Helen) chose her pen name in a shameless attempt to slot into the first space on your bookshelf. She writes fun, fast-paced crime thrillers set in London and Birmingham. Do you love a good story, with plenty of twist

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The latest thriller The Grass Trail is available as an e-book, paperback and LARGE PRINT dyslexia-friendly edition.

EDWARD MILNER is an award winning documentary film-maker and novelist. Originally from Merseyside, he now lives in Crouch End with his wife and daughter. He has also lived in Uganda and made several films about Africa.

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ROHAN QUINE is an author of literary fiction with a touch of magical realism and a dusting of horror, celebrating the beauty, darkness and mirth of this predicament called life, where we seem to have been dropped without sufficient consultation ahead of time.

Publications: The Imagination Thief (novel); The Platinum Raven, The Host in the Attic, Apricot Eyes and Hallucination in Hong Kong (four novellas); and his new title The Beasts of Electra Drive (novel), a prequel to the above five tales. Reviews, lists of retailers, the latest info and other fun at:  |  |  @RohanQuine  |

ANGELA DYSON ditched her London life and downsized her home to move to the sticks in Surrey, to follow her dream to become a professional author. She loves to write but to pay the bills (Angela soon discovered that utility companies, bank managers and landlords aren’t known for their generosity and understanding natures,) she had to squeeze the writing in with working for a living. Some of the jobs to which she only gave half her attention have included working for a recording studio and a record label, running a building maintenance company where pretty much the only upside was getting to boss a lot of men about all day, doing a bit of plus size modelling (strictly clothes on) and, for one memorable summer, making a living reading palms on a Greek Island.

CHARLES N. PALMER was brought up in Edinburgh but has lived in London and latterly, Cambridge since his mid-twenties. He has always worked in education, first as a teacher, then as the founder of an education company working with gifted, talented and able children in London and most recently in online education internationally. He is never happier than when reading or writing. He has several short stories to his name penned in cafes in Beijing, whilst working in the Caribbean or on the kitchen table at home. ‘The Half-Life Girl’ is his first shot at a novel.

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DAN HOLLOWAYis the Alliance of Independent Authors'; News Editor. He has performed poetry at the Royal Albert Hall and his novel The Company of Fellows was voted Best Oxford Novel by Blackwells readers. He is a regular public speaker on subjects from the future of publishing to mental health. Among other things in 2017 he delivered the Oxford Disability Lecture and spoke on Creative Thinking at the Natural History Museum. Dan is the reigning Creative Thinking World Champion, the reigning European Speed Reading Champion and a former World Intelligence Champion. He won the 2017 Oxford University Humanities Innovation Challenge for the creative card game Mycelium, which is currently being developed as a start up with Oxford University Innovation.

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CYNTHIA ADINA KIRKWOODis a former San Francisco Chronicle journalist who lived in Britain for 15 years. She was born and raised in New York City, where her parents emigrated from Belize. She received a bachelor’s degree in Religion from Williams College. She studied one year abroad at the American University in Cairo. Later, she earned a master’s degree from the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies in Washington, D.C. At the University of California at Berkeley, she earned a Certificate of Journalism Education from the Summer Program for Minority Journalists. She and her son, now, live on a smallholding of 44 olive trees, 250 grapevines, and seemingly countless fruit trees in the heart of Portugal. For further details, please visit:

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Novel London

DR NAT TANOHis a Ghanaian who grew up as a child in exile in London. He has been actively involved in social movements to help the lives of every day Africans for many years. So much truth springs from the pages of his debut novel it is impossible not to draw similarities with many flashpoints in Africa such as Zimbabwe, Togo and The Congo.

You can keep up to date with Dr Nat and contact him via:

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SAFEENA CHAUDHRY is a writer, photographer and dreamer. She is the brains behind Novel London, which is a platform for emerging and established writers. As well as having written a novel, Safeena has travelled extensively to work on her Women Against Crimes Exhibition. 

In April and May of 2018 she went to meet women who fight against crimes and met the Kung Fu Nuns of Nepal and the anti=poaching unit- The Black Mambas. 

She is currently working on the Novel London journal, leading workshops and the Novel London Literature Festival which will take place in August 2019.

NORMA COHENhas written in fact, fiction & drama about her Russian, Jewish, Communist, Liverpudlian heritage.

Her novel Leaving Lime Street & play: Gone for a Burton were inspired by her mother’s bid for autonomy in the 1950s & her grandparents’ hazardous flight on a cattle boat from Russia in 1905. Her chapter on her parents’ political roots appears in Radiant Illusion? (Eden Valley Editions, 2015).

She’s written short stories for Loki Books, Pandora, Women’s Press & BBC Radio 4. She’s completed her second novel Waiting for Farid & is working on a play about Fellini & Giulietta Masina: Giulietta’s Feast. A former arts journalist, books include Bouquet with Flying Lovers (Gally Cat Press) & Theatre Works (National Theatre/Theatre Museum). Norma is an actor and works with novelists to help bring their readings alive.

You can find out more about her workshops at

Award Winning Author WENDY H. JONESlives in Scotland, and her police procedural series featuring Detective Inspector Shona McKenzie, is set in the beautiful city of Dundee, Scotland. Wendy has led a varied and adventurous life. Her love for adventure led to her joining the Royal Navy to undertake nurse training. After six years in the Navy she joined the Army where she served as an Officer for a further 17 years. This took her all over the world including Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. Much of her spare time is now spent travelling around the UK, and lands much further afield. As well as nursing Wendy also worked for many years in Academia. This led to publication in academic textbooks and journals.

Killer's Countdown is her first novel and the first book in the Shona McKenzie Mystery series. Killer's Crew won the Books Go Social Book of the Year 2017.

There are now six books in this series with Killer's Crypt being released in August, 2017. The Dagger's Curse is the first book in The Fergus and Flora Mysteries for Young Adults. This book is currently shortlisted for the Woman Alive Magazine Readers Choice Award Book of the Year. She is also a highly succBessful marketer and she shares her methods in the book, Power Packed Book Marketing. She is currently writing a new series called, Cass Claymore Investigates.

The first book, Antiques and Alibis was released in January.

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