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NYLA NOX lives an exciting double life. She has been writing articles on the( in)-human side of investment banking for many years, particularly about the lives of jobless humanities graduates who are forced to serve the richest bankers in the world.  Her unique knowledge of this extremely secretive world has grown into the ‘Graveyards of the Banks trilogy’ – ‘The War and Peace of Investment Banking’ as Nyla likes to call it.

Nyla Nox has been interviewed in the Guardian, in the Telegraph and by the BBC.

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FIONA MACBAIN grew up in Fort William, graduated from Edinburgh University, then worked in London as a Recruitment Consultant before moving to Tunisia where she ran a watersports base near Sousse with her local husband (more about that at She returned to the UK with her 6-month old daughter in 1999 and eventually settled in Inverness, where she lives with her husband and children.  She published her debut thriller, Daughter, Disappeared, set in Tunisia, in November 2016, gaining 35 top Amazon reviews in the first two months. Her second novel, Glasdrum, a thriller set in the Highlands of Scotland, is coming out in March 2017.

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In the first of our Q&A sessions, Stephen Marriott talks to Andrew Smith and Helena Halme about being a writer, marketing and the future of social media in publishing. 

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LUCILLE TURNER'S first book, Gioconda, was published by Granta Books in 2011. A novel about the life of Leonardo da Vinci, it went on to win the Hislibris prize for historical fiction and was translated into several languages. She has a Master’s degree in Comparative Literature and has worked as a translator, a journalist, a teacher and a book reviewer. She lives between Bournemouth and Nice and blogs about historical fiction at

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BEN GALLEY is an award-winning fantasy author from the UK. He is the author of the epic Emaneska Series, the weird-west Scarlet Star Trilogy and the brand new standalone The Heart of Stone. When he’s not dreaming up lies to tell his readers, Ben works as a self-publishing consultant, helping fellow authors to self-publish and sell their books at

Ben can be found being loquacious and attempting to be witty on Twitter (@BenGalley), Facebook (@BenGalleyAuthor) or at his website

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DIANE CHANDLER worked first as a political lobbyist in Brussels, and then at the European Commission for several years, where she managed overseas aid programmes in Ukraine just after the fall of communism. Ukraine soon worked its way into her heart, and she travelled there extensively. Back in London, when Diane married and her daughter was born, she was able to pursue her passion for writing in those few hours she could snatch. Ukraine became the subject for her first novel The Road To Donetsk, which won The People’s Book Prize for Fiction 2016. Her second novel, Moondance, is about a high-flying career woman battling with grueling fertility treatment, and was informed by her personal experience of the emotional and physical impact of IVF. She is currently working on her third novel.

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JON APPLETON is a freelance editor and writer who spent 20 years in-house, and now works freelance for various publishing companies and also with indie authors, helping them shape their book ideas for publication. He blogs about reading, writing and editing at and is about to launch a weekly online fiction, serial entirely based in London.

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HELENA HALME is a Finnish author based in London. Her books include The Englishman, a best-selling romantic novel, which won an Awesome Indies badge on publication. Her other titles are The Navy Wife, a sequel to The Englishman, Coffee and Vodka and The Red King of Helsinki. The Finnish Girl, her latest novella, is a prequel to The Englishman.

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​​​ANDREW SMITH'S first novel, Edith’s War, won a gold medal at the Independent Publishers’ Book Awards, U.S.A. His short fiction has been included in the Journey Prize Anthology and shortlisted for the CBC Literary Awards. His travel writing has garnered a Western Magazine Award. He has published two non-fiction books: Strangers in the Garden, the secret lives of our favourite flowers and Highlights, an illustrated history of cannabis (co-author). Smith’s most recent novel, The Speech, is published in October, 2016 by Urbane Publications, U.K.

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